Bridgehouse Law

About us

About us

Our globally active team of attorneys, tax advisors and other consultants are able to offer clients a “One-Stop Shop” for all of their commercial and tax-related matters.

We work together with knowledgeable local partners to go above and beyond traditional legal and taxation advice.

Our regional practice areas include the United States, Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) as well as the Middle East. We are represented in each of these locales by our own offices or through our partner-offices within the Bridge Alliance. We know that foreign language skills, cultural understanding and access to expansive networks can make all the difference. Our advisors possess far-reaching personal and professional networks in these regions, and we are pleased to provide our clients with the connections needed to advance their own business interests.

BridgehouseLaw is highly regarded throughout the international community for our legal and advisory services. We routinely provide advice and counsel for several business sectors, including Technology/Telecommunications, Information Technology (IT), Health Care, Renewable Energy and Real Estate. Many of our consultants previously held management positions within these industries and are able to provide our clients with the added benefit of their years of knowledge and experience.

The success of the BridgehouseLaw philosophy is based upon:

  • Individual and personal support
  • Business and industry-specific approaches
  • Highly qualified and result-oriented advice

The BridgehouseLaw approach to our clients has been shaped by our professionals’ varied backgrounds in large law firms, legal departments, management boards of publicly-traded companies, universities and foreign diplomatic service. Our clients appreciate that we not only provide answers to their legal or taxation questions, but we also understand and promote their businesses. At BridgehouseLaw, the client can expect an answer to the question “What would you do if you were in my shoes?” We do not present vague hypothetical exercises without clear answers. Instead, we provide tailored solutions of outstanding quality at a competitive cost. We believe these distinctions continue to enhance the reputation of BridgehouseLaw as an innovative and efficient firm.

BridgehouseLaw offices are located in Atlanta and Charlotte (USA). In addition, professionals from BridgeAlliance are available in Munich and Berlin (Germany), Bogotá (Columbia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Madrid (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey), Lisbon (Portugal), London (UK), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Vancouver (Canada) and Al-Khobar and Riad in Saudia Arabia.